Friday, December 09, 2005

Premiere Tickets "Sold Out"

The 432 seat Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills is sold out (and then some) for tonight's premiere.

For those who did not get a ticket to go to the premiere we recommend you consider hosting a house party for the Back From Iraq: The U.S. Soldier Speaks DVD. Its is a great way to give important information about the war to family and friends, and to network with your community regarding War in Iraq.

Soldiers in this film discuss important topics like the Iraqi National Guard, the role of the mainstream media in relaying information about this war to the American public, the Iraqi insurgency, Geneva convention violations, post traumatic shock and other soldier injuries, the Veterans Administration, food, water and health care in Iraq, the justifications for war, the long term impact of the war in Iraq on U.S. National Security, and many other issues.

The insights from men who have served on the ground in Iraq, their descriptions of what they saw and did there, their understanding of the Iraqi people . . . these are things people in the US aren't getting from the mainstream media.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beverly Hills Premiere of Back From Iraq

Back from Iraq features stories about Iraq you won't hear on CNN, FOX or in the mainstream media.

Soldiers who have served on the front lines of this war candidly discuss the Iraqi people, civilian casualties, the insurgency, the Iraqi national guard, post traumatic shock disorder, the VA, and the long term impact of this war on US National security.

We've made a concious choice to limit gore in this film, so if you generally avoid films that discuss the impact of war, we encourage you to attend. This film introduces you to people and describes moral dilemmas you can't imagine, and you'll leave the theater with an new understanding of war in Iraq and its impact on the future of the United States and Iraq.

Back From Iraq is a film created by Nancy Fulton, Susie Shannon and James Metropole. (Fulton and Metropole met at the Hamptons Round Table just under a year ago, and founded a production company a few months later.)

Seating is extremely limited. The theatre seats 450 people, well over two hundred have already registered, and next week the film will be promoted by Air America in Los Angeles and KPFK. Complete details on the event and instructions about how to reserve your space appear below.

Friday December 9, 2005

8:00 pm

Fine Arts Theater
8556 Wilshire Blvd.
(1 Block West of La Cienega)
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Admission is Free. Seating is limited. Reserve your space today.

RSVP to or call (323) 939-5475.

Please send your name, phone number and number of people attending.

Special thanks to the Fine Arts Theater for providing a great, affordable venue:

Monday, November 21, 2005

Back From Iraq Movie in Post Production

The Back From Iraq Movie is in the final stages of post production, and we anticipate a release in the first week or so of December. People have already begun pre-purchasing their house party DVDs and the Special Edition.

This documentary feature soldiers describing their service, their perceptions of the war, their insights into the media and their concerns regarding the impact of this war on US National Security.

If you are interested in purchasing the DVD at a substantial discount, now is the time to place your order. Just go to